Finding Direction through the Medicine Wheel

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living


Explore the 4 directions to gain insight, grow from the knowledge, and transform your days, weeks, and months. 


Are you ready:

  • to move beyond where you are now? 

  • Evolve into a better version of yourself?  

  • Own your unique contribution to the world?

  • Foster your most intimate relationship—your relationship with YOU?

  • Respond with confidence rather than react out of fear, duty or obligation?


Each week in this 5-week course we'll focus on a specific direction (East, South, West, North). You’re invited to join us for all 4 directions and complete a full cycle around the medicine wheel, or choose individual directions. For each direction, you’ll:


  • Discover the energy, gifts, and strengths.

  • Understand the challenges and lessons.

  • Align personal intentions with the energy.


This experiential workshop includes:

  • a hike in nature on an easy trail that will fuel your soul. 

  • learning about the specific direction of focus. 

  • participation in a community wisdom discussion.

  • Yoga Nidra, a conscious state near sleep that heals and supports personal growth.

  • Journaling for insight and clarity to transform your daily life. 

  • bringing awareness to your day to day actions. Make choices aligned with your intention. 


Workshop Details