Full Moon Spirit Hike

A Spirit Hike is more than a hike. It’s a space to learn more about you through the elements of nature without expectation, oversight or boundaries. A place where your Spirit is free to explore and discover.


Combined with the energy & magic of a full moon and a night of inspiration and transformation awaits you! 


By walking the earth from an intentional and connected place in yourself you’ll:

  • gain personal insight, receive direct and indirect messages.

  • give your Spirit space to expand as you breathe in deeply and exhale even deeper.

  • connect to the wisdom of nature and awaken deeper wisdom within you.

  • calm the mental chatter and hear your heart’s truth.

  • feel the presence of and merge with the divinity you believe in.


The hike is rated easy, good for beginners and will be generally 2 miles or less round trip. The Spirit Hike is not all about physical hiking. Its purpose is to provide a space for you to explore your inner terrain through nature. You’ll be guided through activities and experiences to explore, illuminate and discover elements and aspects of self.



Date: Saturday, March 7, 2020

Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm 

Location: Sonoran Preserve, Apache Wash Trailhead, 1600 E Sonoran Desert Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85085

Registration: $33