Kindness Crusader

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Are you ready to change the world? 


Kindness Crusader is an inspirational book with stories from 52 authors, including me - Chapter 18, offering inspiration and ideas on how to change the world through kindness.

At first glance kindness may seem simple, but upon deeper understanding and practice it's a force with strength that can change the world.

In addition to the stories and messages shared, are monthly calendars with daily actions of kindness you can take. You're sure to never run out of inspiration.

This book is great to inspire you alone, your family, or your community. It can be for personal inspiration or as an engaging year of activities and discussion to engage children and your community at large.  It makes a great gift, too! Together, let’s raise the vibration of the world in love and all be Kindness Crusaders. Great holiday gift!

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52 chapters from authors around the world, 316 pages of inspiration, activity calendars that share a daily idea of a deliberate act of kindness each day so you never run out of ideas, and a game to engage children and teach them how to become Kindness Crusaders!



Card Deck

A great companion for the book is the Kindness Crusader card deck. These cards are a beautiful support item to the  book! These cards can be used daily, weekly, by yourself, or with your family to remind you to stay in the energy of kindness.



Book & Card Bundle

This beautiful combination with the Kindness Crusader book and card deck with surely inspire you and your family in your new role as a Kindness Crusader. 


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Here's what pre-release readers of the book have to say about Kindness Crusader:


I am enjoying reading Kindness Crusaders. I read every morning and this allows me to have a positive mindset before heading out the door."  -Linda Zook

"I started reading at 4am this morning because I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I thought I was doing you a kindness by reading/reviewing this. I was wrong. This is a kindness you have done for me. I cried through the first few pages. I felt cracked open – in a good way! Perfect timing, perfect book for me right now. I’m eager to get to bed so I can pick it up again." -Jane Rhodes