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Energy Healing ~ Energy Alignment ~ Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kay) is a healing modality that works with the natural life force energy that flows within you and all living things. Reiki treats and soothes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain and re-balances the body's Energy.

A safe, non-intrusive healing Energy, Reiki flows to wherever it is needed in the person or animal being treated. If your "life force energy" is low, then you're more likely to get sick or feel stress, created by your energy systems being out of balance. Conversely, if your energy is high, you're more capable of being happy and healthy. The essence of Reiki is to cleanse the body and balance

the chakras, bringing harmony to the body, mind and spirit.


There are many things you experience in life that can create energetic imbalances:

  • stress,

  • emotional experiences,

  • thoughts,

  • limiting beliefs,

  • physical issues,

  • life changes,

  • losing touch with your authentic self, and 

  • environmental conditions are just a few.


These can drain your energy or create imbalances that lead to anxiety, depression, fatigue, feeling "stuck", or dis-ease within your body, mind and spirit. 


If you’re ready to experience less stress and more energy and support yourself at the inner most core of your being, you’ll find Reiki a peaceful and transformative experience.


While releasing and aligning your energy Reiki promotes

  • positive self-awareness,

  • better health, and

  • a renewed strength and connection with yourself. 


For medical conditions, Reiki is a fantastic healing companion and complement to your medical practitioner’s treatment plan.

Reiki is also ideal for those times when life is going great and everything is flow. It supports:

  • growth,

  • transformation,

  • manifesting, and

  • aligning you with greater visions and purpose.

Reiki is available in 60 and 90 minute sessions, which include a conversation at the beginning of your session to answer and questions and to highlight any specific areas you'd like to focus on. We'll also talk after you receive Reiki so I can share any insights with you, and again answer any questions you might have.

Contact Diana to schedule your Reiki session:

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