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Reclaim power lost to events and/or people and watch life bloom. Release the past and let your dreams flourish in the future. Intentionally create fertile soil to plant the seeds of the life you dream. Forgiveness is rich soil in which to plant seeds of desire that thrive!


Are you ready to experience a new level of self-acceptance and self-love?


Join Diana Gogan and Janice Story, and intentionally create fertile soil to nourish the seeds of hope and your life’s dreams.


  • Free yourself from past hurts and disappointments.

  • Rally the forces of your spiritual self to assist you.

  • Discover the embracing love that lies behind every circumstance you’ve experienced.

  • Tap into trust, security and peace within you to dispel pain and hurt you’ve carried.

  • Claim your power to live your life fully – a life where you bloom, prosper and flourish!


This is a life transforming experience through which you’ll harness greater vitality and joy. You’ll be guided through the empowering gift of forgiveness of others, as well as self. You’ll experience:


  • A powerful ceremony of forgiveness.

  • Connection and time with horses to guide, inspire and touch your soul.

  • A labyrinth walk to integrate the sacred space you reclaim and create a path forward.

This special event is for men and women ready to reach beyond the ordinary and thrive!


Date: Saturday, March 6, 2022

Time:  9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: 36648 N 31st Street, Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Registration: $125

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