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Does your relationship with your horse hold more possibility and potential than you’re currently experiencing?

Do you sense there is an untapped version of each of you ready to emerge and come together as one?


Life, like horsemanship, evolves as we deepen our connection with self and our equine heart partners.


When you engage the untamed within your Soul barriers are broken, old stories fall apart, and a more powerful version of self emerges. From this emergence, your partnership with your horse will evolve as you encourage them to transform alongside you.


Join us for an epic adventure as we explore the wild desires of your heart and your horsewomanship!


When you explore the wilderness of your heart,

  • adventure begins.

  • you breathe life into your dreams.

  • you deepen your relationship with life.

  • your stories about yourself and your horse change, opening new possibilities.

  • you transform limiting beliefs into untapped potential.

  • your life and partnerships become more playful, fun, and filled with joy.


Join us at Triangle T Ranch in Dragoon, AZ and experience the magic. Nestled in the shadows of ancient granite boulders and the untamed spirit of the desert, you’ll unite with the desires of your heart.


This week of equine alchemy will guide you to align your body, mind and soul while you strengthen your feel, connection and partnership with your horse. A powerful blend of horsemanship and personal growth to open new horizons. Whether a beginner or advanced rider, whether new to the journey of personal growth or have walked many miles on this path, Darcie and Diana will meet you where you’re at and support you on your path forward.


Ready for this spectacular adventure? It happens April 24th - 30th, 2022. Each day filled with learning, laughter and exploring the inner realms as well as the world around you.


When wild hearts unite you experience an expanded level of freedom, passion, adventure and authentic living.


Wild Hearts is not your traditional horsemanship clinic or personal growth workshop. It goes much deeper. You’ll experience and learn things that often can’t be described with words. You’ll go beyond the ordinary ways of connecting and building relationships that will create a feeling of inner expansion that stirs the soul. And rather than being a worn out cliché – you’ll authentically learn and embody how to create life from the inside out.


You’ll explore wisdom, teachings and connection far beyond the surface level. As you explore your relationship with yourself and your horse, you’ll have multi-sensory experiences beyond the description of words. You’ll learn how to communicate and connect in quiet ways that yield profound results.


Darcie Litwicki and Diana Gogan bring their wisdom and knowledge together to guide you through this exceptional experience. (Click on their names for a full bio and more information about each of these amazing ladies.)


Darcie Litwicki, a student of the horse since a small child, will help you strengthen your connection with your horse at the spirit level. Connecting with your horse at the spirit level creates a very personal inner knowing of each other and is a partnership many aspire to have, but few experience. This connection goes deeper than words, skills, and techniques that often keep your relationship stuck at the surface. Darcie offers a blend of teaching and experiences from both the ground and in the saddle that will comfortably bring you and your horse together in new, significant ways. Having professionally trained horses for 15 years, today she blends this with her intuition and life coaching to create a transformational experience for horse and rider.


Diana Gogan, mesmerized by horses for as long as she can remember, will help you bring the unseen aspects of your relationship with yourself and with your horse to the surface. Drawing out areas ready to transform, as well as areas of strength and wisdom to lean into and use as a springboard to move forward. Diana’s intuitive nature will guide you into greater depths of yourself to create a life that’s a reflection of your Soul. She blends the energy and wisdom of working with horses into an experience that speaks to your heart, mind, and spirit – all at the same time.


Ready for the full details? Here they are!


Dates: April 24 - 30, 2022

Location: Triangle T Ranch, Dragoon, AZ

Times: We begin April 24th at 12:00 pm, meeting for lunch, and will head for home late morning April 30th.

Registration: $2,297  Payment plans are available. Please contact Darcie or Diana for more information.

Included with registration: lodging, meals and stall rental.



Participants are responsible for:

  • Transportation of themselves and their horses to and from the retreat.

  • Feed and care of their horse.

Cancellation Policy

$250 of your registration is non-refundable.

Cancellations received after April 1st are non-refunded. 


Is transportation included?
Transportation is each participants responsibility. There may be opportunities for participants to carpool to and from the retreat.

I have special dietary needs. Will I be able to eat the food provided?
Dietary needs will be taken into consideration. Please disclose at the time of registration. All meals will have vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options available.

Are the rooms private or shared?
Rooms are semi-private. Depending on the room arrangement you'll share with 2 - 3 other women.

Will cellular service be available?
There is limited mobile phone access available. A land-line is available for use. Long distance charges will apply. Mobile phones will not be allowed during group/retreat activities.

Can I bring a laptop or tablet?
Electronic devices will not be permitted during group/retreat activities. WiFi service is available for use during free time. It's recommended you leave your devices at home so you can fully disconnect and immerse in the spirit of the retreat.

What amenities are included with the stalls?

Your horse will be provided with a private stall. A water bucket is available for your use. You'll need to bring feed, bedding if desired, manure fork for cleaning stall daily, and any tack you'll need. We will be working in the arena and trail riding.

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