Wisdom Walk with Horses

With each footstep connect to the greater understanding of who you are and the wisdom of your Soul through the guidance Diana and her horses.


Your Wisdom Walk is a guided walk in the desert with a horse companion. Reflective in nature, you’ll connect with the true essence (strengths and growth opportunities) of yourself in the moment, revealing powerful insights on your desert journey. You’ll experience connection and feedback from the horses and Diana through wisdom discussions and guided activities that give depth and meaning to your experience.


This unique, hand-crafted experience will help you increase awareness of your strengths, highlight areas of growth and change to consider, build confidence, create greater clarity, and bring you into alignment with your authentic self. 


Special Pricing for sessions booked and paid for by Oct. 31st is $111. (The actual session can be scheduled later than Oct. 31st.)

Sessions are 90 minutes in length.