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Diana Gogan

Spiritual Life Coach & Wayfinder

"I'm here to help you create your best life, harness the wisdom and power of your Spirit, and fuel the fire that lights your Soul."

Diana is a Spiritual Life Coach and Wayfinder.  With her insight, intuition and understanding she'll masterfully guide you into greater depths of yourself.  

Together let's create a life that's a true reflection of your Soul.  

You are here for a reason, and I'm delighted you are!

If you'd like to stay connected I welcome the opportunity. At least monthly I'll send you an email filled with insight, wisdom and resources to inspire you on your journey.

How I can help you...

A Wayfinder helps you find your way.

                    Your way, not someone else's.

The purpose of your spirit is unique, the expression of your Soul is yours alone.  Traditional one-size-fits-all coaching and mentoring will not serve you at this most personal level.  This is why when we work together your private sessions are specifically designed for you.

Awaken your wisdom and sacred potential in powerful ways.


  • Do you often look outside yourself for the right activity, job, hobby or person to fill the empty space, but continue to feel unfulfilled?

  • Are you ready to engage life at a whole new level?

Your spirit is designed to evolve and grow beyond self-perceived limits and obstacles.  Your Soul is here to show you what's possible.  

Working with me is an intuitive, Spirit-led journey of expansion, learning and healing that is in service to your Soul. Together we'll open doors to unexplored spaces, abilities and potential, where you'll connect to your own native wisdom.

It is time to create a life of abundant joy and deep fulfillment that lets your Spirit soar!

“Everything changes the moment you create

life from the inside out, rather than being

molded from the outside in.”

–Diana Gogan


I’m here to help you make that happen . . . To live a life that’s a reflection of your Soul!

Oh...and to have lots of love, fun and joy too . . .

What Others Are Saying . . .

"The last year has been a blur of uncertainty, doubts and feeling directionless. The past four weeks working with Diana have been the complete opposite. Freeing, filled with clarity, re-connecting with the real me, and finding my voice. I now have a direction I'm passionate about, a strong link with my feminine power, and clarity around my next purposeful steps. Our first session really set a strong foundation which has solidified over the following weeks."

-Denice Adams, Phoenix AZ

"Diana has helped me devlop trust in myself over the course of several workshops and personal sessions. I always feel supported and fully accepted when working with her. I feel ready now to follow the path I'm meant to be on by letting go of my fear and about showing my authentic self. Many wonderful opportunities have opened up for me through this process. I highly recommend Diana for anyone who wants to open their life up more. I know I'll continue to reach out to her knowing she will have just the right support for me in any situation."

Darcie Litwicki, Vail AZ, Silver Heart Ranch

"I found myself in a situation where I didn't like my current job, and it was beginning to negatively impact my relationships and health. I had a few ideas of other things I could do, but nothing seemed anymore fulfilling than what I was already doing. I was at a loss. That's when a friend forwarded Diana's newsletter to me and I felt drawn to work with her. I'm glad I did, so much has changed! I found the courage to have conversations, speak my peace and my truth, and not worry about what others think. I've stayed in my job and rediscovered the joy in it, as well as reconnected with my purpose. Life is better than good again!"

-Joni Saltik, Phoenix AZ

"The success of our time with Diana comes down just as much to her personality and "gift" as to the horses. As important as they are to the process, it's Diana's gentle guidance and incredible insights that made this experience so special for me and my group of friends. She read our personalities and matched us perfectly with each of the horses. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive, but with her guidance Butler and I bonded. The lesson I took away from working with him was that nothing is insurmountable and force is not always required when solving a problem. I came away with a sense of triumph and accomplishment. Diana was also extremely perceptive about the dynamics of the group and the team work element of our group. Some of us, that's me, obstinately working alone and other's heavily reliant on the group, something else for me to take away and consider. I felt very much in the presence of a true professional, and even more than that her intuitive abilities. I was sad to leave the sanctuary she had created for us."

-Jules Ritter, Switzerland

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