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My Approach

Your deepest transformations happen by doing. Which is why when we work together you’ll engage in thoughtful, customized experiences and adventures, each personally designed to expand your world by exploring the depths and layers of your inner self.


Together we will breathe life into your long-held dreams and desires. We will traverse the gap between where you are now and where your Soul invites you to go while I expertly guide you through the internal and external obstacles along the way.

For those times when you feel that strong inner urge that there is something more for you beyond where you are now and you aren’t even sure where to go or what to do, I will help you find the way.

My expertise is helping you align your actions, beliefs, and dreams into an authentic expression of your true self.


We may meet in person for a coaching session in my office or while hiking in nature. There will be times we would coach with the horses, or take a shamanic journey and walk the medicine wheel. Our session may be online or on the phone. And, you may join me for a life-changing multi-day retreat. The advantages of a personally designed session is your experience is thoughtfully created to help you reach your desired outcome, rather than a cookie-cutter process.

The moment you say yes . . . your evolution begins!


Are you ready? Call me and let’s talk about where you’re at and where you want to go, and who program to help you create a life that is a reflection of your Soul.




"Outward appearances showed a woman who had it all. Unfortunately I didn't feel that way inside. Try as I might I really never knew what true passion and purpose felt like, always championing family, friends, colleagues, or other's goals, but never my own. The consequence was I began to feel bitter and resentful that others were achieving great things in their lives and I wasn't. I believe this resentfulness resulted in a series of health issues that literally began eating away at me.

After a short conversation with Diana, I was excited about what could happen for me. Who knew Diana's unique approach would change my life.

Today I am connected to MY vision, MY passion, and am fine tuning MY purpose. And my health is improving. Most of the people I supported are now standing next to me in full support of what I want to achieve. I'm excited about the wide open potential my future holds."

-Lorraine Simonson, Las Vegas, NV

Enjoying the Nature


"I'm always amazed at how working with Diana changes me. The chaos is calmed, uncertainty is turned into clarity, and the next steps I've been searching for suddenly appear right in front of me. Whether it's a moonlight activity, a session with the horses, or a session while hiking in the desert, I always leave a better person. More connected, grounded and wiser."

-Juli Dempleson, Scottsdale, AZ

"I experienced more in a few hours than I have in years of coaching with others. The follow-up and after care, which I thought I didn't need, were such an important part, giving me the time and space to put things into practice in the real world without falling back into old patterns. Diana's work and programs are definitely set-up with her client's success in mind."

-Elle Dulker, Grand Rapids, MI



"Getting through our stuff, learning from it and moving on can be challenging sometimes.  Reaching out can make you feel like a prisoner of your own story, rehashing it with various people looking for help only to find yourself retelling the story with someone else, again. From my first visit with Diana, she wasn't as interested in rehashing the same old story as she was in moving forward.  One session with Diana and I had more positive progress than with any other mode of counseling combined.  I also enjoy goal setting and self development.  Diana's style and wisdom are invaluable to me.  I love that we can move through things as fast as I want to.  Her gentle guidance and the use of horses allows you to "get it" on your own terms.  A real gem and I highly recommend her!"

-Kari Sicard, Phoenix, AZ

"Diana has helped me open up areas in my life that I knew deep down were there but was not able to access on my own. It is thrilling!"

-Denise Cortez, Cave Creek, AZ

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