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About Me

Diana Gogan is a Spiritual Life Coach and Wayfinder.  With her insight, intuition, and understanding she’ll masterfully guide you into greater depths of yourself.  Through empowering interaction with horses and nature you’ll find a strengthened connection to your dreams and desires.


When working with Diana there will be times she’ll walk beside you, times she’ll lead the way, and other times she’ll support you from behind; cheering you on and celebrating your triumphs.  She holds a space and standard that will inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

With 20-years professional experience in banking and information technology, Diana knows first-hand the importance and need for balance between a successful career, nurturing your soul, and creating a fulfilling life of joy and peace.

In 2004 she stepped away from her traditional career to pursue her own dreams, develop her gifts, and follow a heart-inspired path of education. Through the years of learning new skills, doing her own personal work, and assisting others on their path, she offers a unique and powerful experience for her clients.

Confidence, Integrity & Compassion

Diana is an NLP Master Coach, Equine Professional, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Shamanic practitioner.  Combining coaching, equine assisted activities, spiritual awareness, and energy work, her clients often achieve goals faster than with other conventional methods.  She blends the energy and wisdom of working with nature and animals into a multi-sensory experience that speaks to your heart, mind, and spirit – all at the same time.

Diana’s confidence, integrity, and compassion are what draw women from all around the world to work with her.

Diana is a co-founder of The Freedom Way Equine Assisted Coaching Certification program. She also supports clients in their recovery and wellness as a Spiritual Coach

at Soberman's Estate.

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Never Let A Dream Die

Diana has loved horses since she was a very young girl. She read every horse book -- Black Beauty, The Black Stallion series, International Velvet, and many more -- dreaming of having horses one day.

After moving to Arizona, her dream of 40+ years came true as she brought her first horses home. Unbeknown to her at the time, it was not just her dream coming true. It was an event that would change her life and business.

The transformation happened rather innocently. She would take her clients out to meet her horses and without realizing it naturally began to coach them through their experience in the pen with the horses. Things would shift and change rapidly for her clients through this experience, and beautiful deep-rooted transformations were happening quickly. 

It was because of these experiences, and the results her clients were getting, Equine Assisted Coaching became part of her business. It was a natural complement to the coaching and energy work she is known for.

Today, horses are an integral part of her life. Her horses continue to partner with her in guiding people through change and transformation, and their Medicine Horse sessions a definite client favorite!

Horses were part of her Soul. Even though she had no idea how they would come into her life. She continued to breathe life into the her dream of owning horses for over 40 years, believing that one day it would happen. Diana is still as horse crazy today as she was as a child...only now she is living that dream!


Meet the Horses


Her full name is Whisper in the Wind. Her whisper rises above the noise of the world as she confidently shares her truth and wisdom. She enjoys helping people discover amazing things about themselves, let go of what no longer serves, and to heal and move forward. She holds a space of strength and love, and at the same time will point you to unseen aspects of yourself it is time to acknowledge. Whisper knows what she wants and won't settle for less, and helps you do the same.



Ruger is a laid-back fellow with a quiet strength that stands out. He's not one to stir up trouble in the herd, but he's no pushover either. Ruger provides a safe and comfortable space for people to explore their inner selves. He has an intuitive sense of when to offer gentle support and when to present a bold challenge, guiding clients toward their goals. With his calm and confident demeanor, Ruger clearly sets his personal boundaries, inspiring clients to do the same.

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