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Medicine Horse Session

When you connect with the wisdom and emotional strength of a horse, you’ll embark on a personal journey like no other.  Horses are masters at sensing emotions and reading intentions. By mirroring our truest feelings and providing immediate feedback horses can lead us down the path of self discovery, revealing thought and behavior patterns that keep us from embracing our personal power.  They often provide insight and answers that might otherwise be ignored or overlooked if shared by a human counterpart.

All work is done from the ground and horse experience isn’t necessary. What you’ll experience with the horse is shared without exchanging words and will come directly from the heart.  It’s a very personal experience and no two are ever alike.

It is ideal for times of:

  • Change or transition.

  • Feeling the inner urge to live a greater purpose, even if you don’t know what that purpose is.

  • Giving voice to your authentic truth though greater connection, vision, and understanding of your spiritual (Spirit) self.


And, most important . . . when you feel called to engage in a session, even if you’re not sure why, the reason will be made clear during the session. This is the wisdom and power of working with horses.

A Medicine Horse Session supports you to:

  • Achieve greater emotional awareness so you become strong and centered in your truth.

  • Increase heart-mind-body connection so you can embrace life with passion and certainty

  • Clear away confusion and confidently create your next steps.

  • Strengthen self trust and personal insight through the guidance of the horse.

  • Experience an adventure in self-discovery that nurtures and empowers you at the same time.

Working with the horses is a guided process where the horses act as your coach.  You'll discover and experience beliefs, actions, and emotions that block you and keep you from moving forward.  Your work with the horses will be an in-the-moment experience of self-discovery, growth and empowerment that changes lives.

Conversations with a horse are filled with loud silence that speaks to your Soul. The wisdom and insight

shared can light the path before you as bright as the noon day sun. - Diana Gogan

Session Information

Individual Medicine Horse session

One-on-one work with Diana and the horses

On location in Cave Creek, AZ. (Address provided upon scheduling.)

Contact Diana to ask questions and schedule your session:

Group sessions for two or more are also available. Contact Diana to discuss your needs and for more information.

Group sessions are custom designed for:

  • Couples/Partners

  • Friends & Family

  • Business Partners

  • Team Building

  • People who desire to learn and grow together.

Learn More About Coaching with Horses


I invite you to read two articles I've published that provide more information about various type of horse therapies and coaching, as well two clients experiences coaching with the horses.

Healing with Horses, published in Natural Horse Magazine October 2014. This article describes the different types of work done with horses and what to look in a professional to work with.

The Whisper of a Horse, published in Natural Horse magazine, July 2013. In this article I share personal experiences from clients and other information about what coaching with horses is all about.

Contact Diana to schedule your personal session or if you have any questions.

Raves & Reviews

"When I hired Diana I was at a point in my leadership and growing my business where I was seriously starting to doubt myself. I was overwhelmed with repsonsibility and questioned if I could pull off the vision I had in my heart. Just a few hours of working with Diana and her horses had me sorted out! I gained powerful insights into my inner blocks, and more importantly was able to move past them during one try memorable exercise with Butler. I am eternally grateful for Diana's compassion, guidance and expert facilitation and for moving me past a block that has completely disappeared. Since then my own business has grown significantly and I've fully embraced the leader that emerged in me out in the paddock with Butler."

-Vanessa Shaw, Scottsdale, AZ

"I want to thank you so very much again for sych a perfect experience! I have been processing it ever since. I felt as if I had somehow been brought to my knees and back up again, feeling stronger and happier. You and your horses are truly remarkable! It felt magical!"

-Vicki Daniel, Novato CA

"I walked into my session knowing nothing of how equine coaching worked or what I was going to work on within myself. I wondered what a horse could teach me about myself. I walked away from this experience having learned that in order for me to expect others to show up for me within my life, I must first start doing it myself. I left stronger, more loving and much wiser. The message from the horses was very clear -- "Be true to you. Speak your turth and love you first before all others!" Because of this I have grown more in love with me. I am not perfect, and a work in progress, but it is my hope that those you are battling within and truly want to heal, grow, learn and step outside the box -- you MUST give equine coaching a go! Diana and her incredible horses taught me much more than I could ever imagine on that winter day. Thank you!"

-Jennifer Rundall, Dallas TX

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