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Free and Clear

Break Free  • End Disruptive Cycles  •  Stop Unconscious Sabotage

Do you find yourself working to change, only to end up back at the same place you began?
Are there cycles in your life that continually repeat, despite your best efforts to change them?
Is there something you know deep within you’re here to do, but you can’t seem to get it together to do it?


We all have dreams we aspire to achieve. However, these bigger dreams cannot be built on an old foundation infused with disruptive cycles, behaviors, and beliefs. Rebuilding on the same foundation generates more of the same results.

What if I told you laying a strong foundation won’t take years of personal work? In fact, it can happen in just a few weeks. Would that interest you?

The Free & Clear Program is private, personal, and creates amazing outcomes. You’ll experience immediate, lasting, and repeatable results.

This program is for you if:

  • You feel/know there are past life events/experiences to be healed so they lose their grip on your future.

  • You don't want to keep the past stories alive by retelling them over and over again.

  • You're ready to separate the emotion from the event/experiences so healing occurs and you're free to create a new future..

  • You’re ready to take a big step forward in life, career, health, and/or relationships.

  • You know you have a bigger purpose and are dedicated to evolving into it.

  • You’re ready to become who you need to Be now to create what you desire.


AND, you'll learn tools and techniques you can use moving forward. Clients love the freedom this package gives them and that they learn to support and care for themselves to create a bright, clear future!

This is a package of 5-weekly, 60-minute online sessions.  All appointments are scheduled MST.

Registration is $525.

Contact Diana to share more about your specific desires, ask questions and to schedule your session:

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