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Growth Rings

The Roadmap to Transformation


Growth is not a fixed point or final destination on the map of your life. It’s a perpetual expansion of body, mind and spirit. Your life expands through the many life cycles you experience, similar to annual growth rings for a tree. When you understand the cycle and rhythm of this transformation you stand on the threshold of a new level of empowerment. Join Diana Gogan, Spiritual Life Coach & Wayfinder, for an insightful conversation and learn:


  • The 5 stages of each transformational cycle.

  • The strengths, lessons and pitfalls of each.

  • Key action steps for each stage that build momentum.


This roadmap will be your guide for future transformation.

No registration needed. Simply click on the link below or copy and paste into your browser at the time of the class. Scroll down the page to see the live video. Hope to see you there!


This event has passed. You can catch the replay at

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