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Reiki Level  1 Training

Energy is a universal language and way to heal. Developing a strong, energetic connection to the energy within you will change the way you experience life and the world around you.  Learn to understand and use it in a deeply profound way.   Reiki empowers you to nurture and embrace the innate healing and wisdom within.  Intimately uniting you with self-awareness, self-nurturing, and your authentic self, you’ll feel empowered, relaxed, and transformed.  Bringing Reiki into your life restores the natural connection to your inner strength and wisdom.

You’ll :

  • Learn energy techniques to raise your awareness and energy

  • Learn basic hand placements for self-treatments and treating others

  • Experience a self-nurturing self-treatment

  • Practice exchanging Reiki with others in the class

  • Learn how you experience energy and receive information from the connection

  • Learn about the chakra and hara energy centers in your body and how to balance them


Immerse yourself in the strength and self-love of this full day course as you connect to the healing wisdom and personal strength that lies within.  This course is a comfortable blend of learning, re-connecting with your soul and hands-on practice, designed to support you in a restorative, interactive, and safe environment. You’ll receive a detailed manual and certificate of completion. 

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