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The Path Ahead
3-month Reading and Inner Roadmap


Do you seek clarity, guidance or direction to help you navigate

the path ahead?


This reading will assist you in discovering the gems and treasures,

as well as obstacles and distractions, that lay before you. Hidden

influences will be unveiled, and you will be shown things you might

not be aware of … both positive and negative.


The cards drawn will corelate with the four directions of the medicine

wheel, and the powerful hub, YOU, in the center that holds the

circle together.

You’ll learn:

  • What it’s time for you to let go of, what needs to be shed, or 

    an old wound you no longer need to define yourself.

  • About the part of you ready to be re-birthed. An old story to end so you

     may create a new meaningful story for this next part of your journey.

  • The wisdom and knowledge to acquire that will serve you on the path 

    ahead. What wisdom is ready to mature within you? What is the 

    medicine that you’re ready to embrace that has been a buried treasure

    within you?

  • The way you’ll share your treasures and gifts with others. Future 

    potential and possibilities.

  • How to create greater balance, wisdom and harmony as the center 

    of your universe. How to harness your greater potential and focus 

    on aspects of self that are most important right now.


You’ll receive:

  • A 5-card reading that covers each element mentioned above.

  • A numerology reading for each card and the overall energy of the coming 3 months.

  • 30-minute call to go in-depth into your reading.

  • A detailed, downloadable  personal roadmap with your reading, insights, and next step/activities for the coming


Your reading and roadmap will be done prior to our call together. Our time together will be for me to share your reading with you, provide answers and clarification to questions you might have, and together establish your next steps/activities to put your reading into action.

Reading details:

  • Readings are $125. 

  • At the time of purchase you'll be asked a couple of questions regarding your reading. These questions generally take 5 minutes to answer. 

  • If you have any questions about your reading or throughout this process please contact me.

Contact Diana to schedule your reading:
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