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Animal Communication Program

Connect • Understand • Relate


A good relationship starts with good communication. You may know when your animal companion is hungry, not feeling well, or wants to play. But . . . do you ever desire to communicate beyond the basics?

Do you:

  • Love animals?

  • Desire to strengthen your connection with them?

  • Wonder what animals are thinking and feeling?

  • Ever feel like your animals are trying to communicate but don’t know what they’re saying?

  • Wish you could ask an animal what was behind a behavior, training, or health issue?

  • Wonder if you’re making the right decisions for your animals?

  • Want to know what they prefer?

  • Aspire to communicate but don’t think you can?


Know that all this and much more is possible!


With greater understanding comes greater awareness and connection.

In this 4-week program you'll learn:

  • Your specific communication language. (We all have a different type.)

  • Practical steps and application to develop and refine your communication style.

  • How to make friends with the voice of doubt and trust the information you receive.

  • A proven, step-by-step, method for asking and receiving your own guidance and answers.

  • How to read the “roadmap” of information and messages you receive.


You’ll also:

  • Develop your personal process for accessing connecting and beginning communication with an animal.

  • Learn to recognize the difference between solid intuitive information received and random thoughts.

  • Create a practical plan on how to use continue to strengthen and grow your skill and ability.


What’s included?

  • 4 weekly online sessions that are a rich blend of content, Q&A & practice.

  • Weekly online practice with animals

  • Weekly assignments to build confidence.

  • Unlimited email access to Diana for support and guidance.


With private mentoring, we solely focus on you: your specific interests, questions, personal experiences , and work on developing your techniques and style.

Contact me with any questions and to enroll in the program.

Program registration is $425

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