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Animal Communication Session

Animal communication provides an opportunity for you and your animal companion to ask

questions and share information. Diana facilitates the conversation through telepathic

communication with your animal companion, and verbal communication with you. Conversations

are free flowing and provide greater understanding, opportunities to ask direct questions and

receive information, and strengthen your relationship.


Common reasons people use animal communication:

  • Learn more about your pets health

  • Work with behavioral issues

  • Changes in their environments (new home, addition or loss of other people or animals, change in routines, etc,)

  • Life Transitions

  • General check-in

  • Various other reasons specific to your relationship and situation.


Like us, animals are most comfortable and at ease in their familiar environment, whether that be a stall, field, kennel, or your home. Sessions are generally facilitated via phone, and can also be in-person if local. Your animal does not need to be present with you at the time of the session.

Session lengths vary, based on the number of questions and animals you'd like to communicate with. 

First 15 minutes: $35

Additional 15 minute increments : $15

If you'd like to arrange an in-person session, a trip charge will apply based on your location.

To help you know what to expect, 15 minutes is good for a general check-in, follow-up from previous conversations, or asking 1 - 2 questions. Additional time may be necessary to complete complex conversations or to cover multiple questions. Like conversations with other people, sometimes one question requires additional questions for clarity, understanding, or resolution.

Contact me with questions about Animal Communication and to arrange a session.

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