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Animal Reiki For Pets

Just like people, your animal companion will find Reiki to be relaxing, healing and enjoyable. 


Valued by many pet owners, Reiki:

  • supports medical conditions and treatments

  • helps change and resolve behavioral issues

  • helps release emotional trauma

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • is a comfortable and supportive to animals ready to transition


Being gentle and non-invasive Reiki doesn't cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yields powerful results.


Some of the things Reiki can help:

  • Health issues

  • Aging related concerns

  • Changes in their environments (new home, addition or loss of other people or animals, change in routines, etc,)

  • Recover from a trauma (abuse/neglect, moving, illness, injury, etc.)

  • Behavioral issues


Animal Reiki sessions are most effective when given in the animals normal environment, whether that be a stall, field, kennel, or home.  This is where they are generally most comfortable and at ease.  With this in mind I come to you.  No need to transport your animal to a new, strange environment.  Also, due to the nature of Reiki and energy work I do not need to be on location. This is called a distance session. I'm happy to provide more information about this option.

Contact me with questions about Reiki for your pet and to arrange a session.

Animal Reiki sessions are $85. Depending on your location a trip charge may also be apply for in-person treatments.

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