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Equine Assisted Team Building Workshops & Leadership Retreats
Designed for organizations to increase engagement, unite people in purpose, and increase profitability.

An Experience Like No Other

Our leading-edge experiential retreats use the unique ability of horses and their natural herd dynamics to take leaders and teams to the next level.


The approach focuses on creating actionable results, building trust, and developing important skills.


Working with horses brings abstract concepts together so that fresh thinking and new approaches can be immediately applied.


The content is memorable and application oriented, providing a higher value for your training investment.


Harness the power of your most important assets!

HorsePower Leadership™ Helps Your Organization:

•Increase engagement

•Unite people in purpose

•Increase profitability

•Create cohesive teams

•Improve internal and external relationships

•Create greater collaboration and innovation between team members and departments


Frequently Asked Questions

Can events be customized?

Yes. We work closely with you to identify your specific needs and design an event to meet your goals.

What happens during an event?

A typical event involves guided activities with horses which facilitates opportunities for team building and leadership development. Participants explore their interactions with the horses and develop ideas for application in the workplace.

Is horse knowledge required?

No. All work is done on the ground with a focus on human skills rather than horsemanship skills. There is no riding.

Why horses?

Horses posses an innate ability to evaluate whether an individual can communicate, act as a partner, and lead. As prey animals they have learned who and what to trust. Therefore, they provide immediate feedback. You cannot get a horse to do something it doesn’t want to do. One must learn to communicate and partner with the horse to achieve your goals. A philosophy that holds true for every business operating today. Working with horses can be a profound adventure of self-discovery.

Why does it work?

It happens in the moment. This allows the individual to immediately change their interaction for a difference result or reinforce the behavior to re-produce the desired result.

Horses give immediate feedback about what effective leadership and teamwork is and what it is not. This interaction often moves participants outside their comfort zone so new learning can take place.

Results of Equine Assisted Learning include:

•Effective communication, listening and leadership skills.

•Improved teamwork, trust and commitment.

•Enhanced relational skills and ability to positively influence others.

•Personal responsibility and conflict resolution.

•Increase morale and accountability.

Interested? Let's schedule a time to answer your questions and discuss your specific objectives.

Download a printable brochure here.

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