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Spiritual Life Coaching

For those who long to live a life that is an authentic expression of their Soul.


Is it time for new inspiration, help getting unstuck, to release limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations?

Would you like a clear vision, steps to take, and the courage to do so?

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

When we work together you'll find new doors open, expanded awareness brings new possibilities, and your next steps easily reveal themselves.

Change cannot happen in stillness.

Change can only happen with movement.

If you desire change, you must create movement.

~Diana Gogan

You are an explorer
voice in heart
Sacred Purpose
who you are
new beginning

For those who long to live a life that is an authentic expression of their Soul, Spiritual life coaching helps you create life from the inside out. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, you’ll delve into deep rooted beliefs and connect with your inner wisdom. You learn how to work with the laws of the universe to create the experiences and outcomes you most desire, rather than just dealing with whatever comes your way.


It’s about embracing the Spirit within and connecting with your Soul. I facilitate the transformation required to live authentically from your truth and to continually seek new horizons of potential within yourself. 

Spiritual Life coaching creates opportunities for you to:

  • Engage life as a co-creator.

  • Live more deeply and authentically.

  • Transform uncertainty or overwhelm into purposeful action and freedom.

  • Know how to read life's roadmap and signs to chart your own course.

  • Embrace life's greater purpose and potential from your the level of your soul.

Are you ready to lead with your heart, create from your inner desires, and follow the map of your Soul?

Let's get started!

I invite you to join me for a heart-to-heart conversation to talk about where you are now, where you desire to go (if you know, and you may not and that's okay too), and how to get there. This is a complimentary conversation designed to provide clarity and direction.

Coaching is available in 60 and 90 minute sessions.

Session available via phone, Zoom (online), or in-person.

Contact Diana to ask questions and schedule your session:

Soulfire™ Transformation


This session is ideal when your ready to step into sacred space for longer periods of time dedicated to your personal transformation. Your Soulfire™ experience may be a few hours to a few days. We begin with a Soul-to-Soul conversation, from which your personal experience will be designed. If your seeking an opportunity to take a deep dive and emerge with greater clarity, purpose and freedom, I invite you to contact me and we'll arrange a time to talk.


"In my desire to change things in my life, I've been very focused on my actions. However, I was finding that no matter what action I was taking, the results were the same. After just one session with Diana she uncovered a deep sub-conscious belief that was sabotaging my efforts. It was sitting right in front of my face and I couldn't see it. Uncovering and addressing this belief has made all the difference. Now I'm consciously creating from a new belief and beginning to see the results I desire!"

-Kristen Martinez, Surprise AZ

"I don't know how you do the magic you do! Last night's session made such a big difference for me. I feel so much better. My unease has flitted away, replaced by a new level of self-acceptance and awareness that I am just in awe of. I don't know what to call what you do, it's hard to give it a name. All I can say is it works, and it works good and you are the best at it. You make a difference in my life!"

-Kari Sicard, Phoenix, AZ

"Ah, I feel amazing!!! I'm so full of calm energy and feel liberated! I cannot even believe for myself all the changes. They're so good. All things that felt challenging or near impossible, now seem second nature. I feel a sense of balance being created. I'm full of grateful tears as I write this. Thank you!"

-Bre Lee, Cave Creek AZ

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