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Old Keys

Having recently moved, I have a new key, that fits the new lock, that opens the new door to the new house.

Both the old and new keys look very similar. Only upon close inspection would you notice the keys are cut differently, custom made to fit different locks. One is cut for the past, the other for the future.

Imagine, I become so attached to the old key I decide to keep it on my key ring because it’s familiar, it’s what I’ve known, it reminds me of the chapter that just closed, or whatever seems reasonable at the time. I tuck the new key away in a drawer to use at a later time if I find should find a use for it.

When the time comes that I leave the house and lock the door behind me, knowing my trusty old key is on my key ring. When I return, I put it the lock and am puzzled when it doesn’t open the door. After all, this key and I have been together for years and know each other well. It’s always been reliable and worked flawlessly.

No matter how hard I try, how many positive affirmations I chant, or visualizations I do seeing the old key open the new door, the old key I’ve used for the past 6 years won’t work.

  • Why won’t it open the new door?

  • It worked consistently in the past, why is it failing me now?

  • What have I don’t wrong?

  • Why am I no longer worthy for it to work for me?

  • How come the universe seems to be blocking me?<Input all the thoughts that run through your head when you feel blocked or like the rug has been pulled out beneath you.>

I stand there for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years continuing to try to open the door with the old key because it once worked and still should. Never making any progress, continuing to bang my head against the proverbial door; knowing I’m missing out on all the new things on the other side of the door that my heart, my Soul, yearn for

Where are you using an old key to try to open a new door in your life? A door that leads to all the experiences, people, and places you long for.

As you may have already guessed, the old key represents the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and actions that have gotten you to where you are now but aren’t capable of opening the new door.

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

The new key that opens the door is one you create from new thoughts, beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and actions that fit the new experience the door represents. For instance, if you desire to do public speaking to bring awareness to your favorite cause, and you shy away from speaking boldly even amongst friends, this version of you will never be able to walk through the new door.

Rather, you create the new key by letting go of the past, learning how to use your voice, speak boldly and truthfully to those around you, learn the nuances of public speaking, research places to speak, etc. And magically, as you navigate through each of these, you evolve into the new version of you who boldly shares your message and creates change.

Are you standing in front of a new door you’d give anything to open, but the key you’re using just won’t work?

The first step is committing to drop your attachment to the old key, so you have space to create the new.

Take a look at the keys on your key ring of life. Notice how many no longer open the doors you desire to walk through and let them go! When you do, you'll create space for the new keys that will get you where you want to go!

You are ready….and the world is waiting!

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