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Tapestry of Life

Yesterday I said goodbye to a very dear canine friend Bingo. She and I have been sharing regular Reiki and animal communication sessions over the past year. It’s an appointment I always looked forward to.

During our sessions she often shared an image of a tapestry – one that was continually being changed and added to. I came to understand this as a symbol representing the intertwining of our lives. As loved ones came in and out of her life, threads would stop and start. When loved ones left their thread remained a vital part of the strength and character of the tapestry. When loved ones arrived a new thread emerged, adding to the harmony and structure of the tapestry that was already in place.

Finding a warm spot in the sun I began a distance Reiki session to connect with her to say my goodbye’s and support her in her transition. Almost immediately she again showed me the tapestry. When I saw it I figured her thread would complete the beautiful piece of artwork and was surprised when it didn’t.

Instead, she shared with me that her thread was simply going to complete its last few stitches while the remaining threads continue on. As I had become part of her tapestry, my thread was now intertwined with all the others lives, or threads, and would remain so. Each individual thread would continue adding color, texture, and pattern to this unfolding symbol of life while continuing to blend with the other threads.

I sat back in awe, feeling a great sense of belonging. We each are here, our threads weaving and creating our own tapestry and intertwining with the tapestries of others, creating different designs and textures; ultimately each individual tapestry becoming part of the larger tapestry of all living beings.

There are many lessons and “ah-ha” moments that come into awareness as I ponder this experience. Questions worthy of asking also arise.

Am I creating the tapestry that I desire?

Does is have the strength, texture, and colors that bring me joy and happiness?

Are there threads whose time has come to end?

What threads would I like to bring in to create harmony, texture and experience?

And of course these are just a few of the questions that I’ve been contemplating since yesterday morning.

What does your tapestry look like and feel like?

Are there colors and patterns you’d like to change?

What textures and colors do you like and wish to continue?

How are your threads influencing the tapestries of others?

The beauty of a tapestry is that it can be changed at anytime. One doesn’t have to unravel and unwind what has been created, as this is part of our experience. We can simply do something a little different and create something new from this point forward. Will your tapestry change or remain the same?

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