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One Pixel

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

If I were to share just a few pixels of a picture with you, you may think it ugly, unimportant, incomplete, a waste of digital space, etc. It may not make sense. You may gloss over it, or completely ignore it.

Yet, when you see it fit together with all the other pixels in the picture you see a whole, complete, and beautiful image.

Where within you are you focused on one pixel that you think is ugly, embarrassing, not good enough, incomplete, out of place, etc., and forgetting to step back and see the whole picture of who you are? YOU as a magnificent, whole Being. YOU being complete, with everything you need to create the life you desire. When you see yourself this way you'll also see the beauty of who you are. I invite you to step back and see your wholeness.

Sure, there may be things you want to change, new things you want to learn, dreams to achieve, a new version of you to become, because those are the natural stirrings of your Spirit to evolve. However, wanting something you don't have now does not mean you aren't whole and complete. It simply means you desire to add to your wholeness.

You have the amazing ability to change and evolve at ANY time you desire, as many times as you desire, and move from one state of wholeness to another. One skill that makes the whole evolution process easier is the ability to step back from the pixel level and take in the whole scene from way outside yourself. The view from that level is amazing! It gives you unique clarity and perspective. It gives you the opportunity to see how what may appear as dissimilar or incompatible pieces of your life (individual pixels) come together to make you beautiful and whole (the whole picture).

Do it now. Pull yourself back from being nose-to-nose with your life and imagine looking down from high above. Leave judgement behind and notice what you notice. Feel what you feel. See what you see. There are likely parts of your picture you love, there may be part of the picture ready for change, parts you're ready to release and color over, there may also be part of the picture currently evolving. Notice the whole picture. Notice the clarity, greater perspective, and insight you experience. It may be earth shattering, it may simply be quiet confirmation, or something in between. Soak it all in.

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you. ~Lao Tzu

By the way, the orange, yellow, and dark pixels in the first picture are part of the sunset and a tree limb in the whole picture. See how different things are when you step back and see wholeness?

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