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Contraction and Expansion

There are many ways to describe it – bloom, blossom, grow, flourish, prosper, shine and succeed are just a few. One of my favorite words to describe the time in life when you’re on top of the world and everything is falling into place is thrive! To me it describes freedom that is a direct result of who we become through our personal growth and evolution. As I look back over the years, I’ve seen cycles of growth repeated over and over in my life. Cycles of contraction and expansion.  Contractions are times when we feel restless, things fall apart, or an essential part of us is not being expressed or acknowledge. Periods of contraction can also be when we’re stuck in routines, habits, obligations and such that drain us. Times we feel anything but the descriptive words above. Expansion is the part of the cycle where we change, grow and evolve. Goals are achieved. Dreams become reality. The result is a time in life where your thoughts, actions, words and feelings are free expressions of your soul.  I imagine as you look back over the years, you too see the same cycle at play in your life. In fact, we are always somewhere in the cycle. It’s a natural rhythm that invites us to dance throughout our lives. When we complete a cycle, we become a different version of ourselves. We’ve shed our old skin; we’ve grown and changed. We see, think, and experience life differently than in the past. In short, we’ve evolved. This topic deserves much more time and attention than this newsletter. So, I want to leave you with three essential keys to keeping the cycle smoothly running. These are keys that are important in both the contraction and expansion phases.

  1. Courage – It takes courage to make different choices. Sometimes courage is about following your heart rather than what others desire or expect you to do. Other times courage is about following the whisper of your soul to step outside your comfort zone. 

  2. Discomfort – Get comfortable being uncomfortable when it comes to your personal evolution. As mentioned in courage, there’s always some level of discomfort experienced when you leave what you know in pursuit of what you desire. Sometimes it’s just a little twinge, sometimes is full blown muscle spasm.

  3. Commitment to Self – This is the fuel that keeps you going. Your growth and evolution rely on you continuing on despite other’s beliefs, opinions, and approval, including the naysaying voices in your head. This is a commitment to change the internal voices that no longer serve you and to harness the internal strength to continue on regardless of what others think.  

These three keys go hand-in-hand. Successfully navigating a cycle of transformation without one of them is not possible.

  • Courage is a commitment to self, and a willingness to experience discomfort to get what you desire.

  • Discomfort is a natural by-product of courage when you step outside your comfort zone. Your willingness to be uncomfortable is an action that represents your commitment to self.

  • Commitment to self requires courage to break through both internal and external forces that conspire to keep you where you are, which can at first be uncomfortable. 

Are you ready to deepen your commitment to self and courageously embrace your long-held dreams and desires? To live a life filled with greater passion and purpose? Put these three keys to work and you’re on your way.

What will you use these three keys to create in your life?

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