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Have You Ever Felt Something Was Right But Didn't Know Why?

I love the mystical magic of Rumi’s words. They invite me to slow down and savor hidden depth, meaning and wisdom in the way he weaves them together. Sometimes it’s as if his words speak directly to my Soul. 

Have you ever felt something was true, yet upon closer look weren’t quite sure why? That was my experience the first time I read the quote above.

What does it mean to be the Soul of the space in which you stand? It sounds empowering and wonderful. Yet, how does one do so?

I looked around my office for hints as to what this meant. How do I become the Soul of this space? Not sure exactly what I was looking for I ventured out into the rest of the house to see if I could spot what I was looking for. I glanced out the sliding glass door and saw a tree I enjoy sitting beneath and realized this tree is the Soul of the space in which he lives, and knew he’d have some insight. With that thought fresh in my mind I grabbed a journal and pen and headed outside to ask. This tree and I have had many conversations, and I knew he’d have wisdom to share.

As I settled into my spot, the insight I’d asked for began to come through. Here are the highlights:

Be “In” the space, aka be present – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually AND energetically.Connect – put out roots and branches into the space (figuratively speaking of course!) Be of the space not just in the space.Be conscious of what you bring into the space; i.e. what you imprint it with, dump into or add to it. Seek harmony with the energy and vibration – you not overpowering it, it not overpowering you. Authenticity – Be “whole” in the space. Bring all aspects of yourself. Be the truest version of yourself you can be in the moment.Be in the flow of the space, open to and syncing with it’s timing and rhythm. Remain empowered to make choices and decision that support you, with conscious awareness of how it will influence the space you are in.

As our conversation came to a close, I realized I’d become the Soul of the space the tree and I shared. I was still me, and the tree was still the tree, yet through the things mentioned above together we’d become the Soul of that space. 

We continued to be individual’s AND at the same time we became one in that space. Separate Souls while also one Soul.

Curious now, I walked back into my office to see if I could recreate the same experience. I spend a lot of time in this space, but until now didn’t fully understand the difference of being in a space and becoming the Soul of the space. As I looked around, I also realized how comfortable it is, that some of my favorite belongings are in this space, and there are many wonderful things created within these walls for clients, family, friends and myself. It was a space I enjoyed being in, so I was interested to see how, or if, it would change as I became the Soul of the space.

I stood in the middle of the room and thoughtfully put into practice what I had just learned. As I did this, I felt the space transform within me and around me. I recognized the now familiar feeling of being separate but one with the space around me. Then, something happened that surprised me. I had the urge to ask my office what it wanted from me. No sooner had I done that, I heard the word partnership. That opened the door to a completely new perspective and relationship I’m now building with this space. 

I’m pretty sure Rumi didn’t have me and my office in mind when he wrote the words “Wherever you stand be the Soul of that space.” However, these words are an invitation to transform and evolve your relationship with the spaces in which you stand. Imagine how that could change everything.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about what this quote means to you. I’ve shared one perspective . . . what is yours? 

What will change for you when you become the Soul of the space in which you stand?

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