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How Does One Create Their Biggest Dreams?

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

By wanting to have the dream so much you're willing to give up all you have and who you are right now.

Now that's a pretty bold answer, isn't it?

Yet, there is a lot of power, wisdom, and truth to that answer.

Sometimes you hang on so tightly to what you have and who believe yourself to be, that you create a false sense of security & fulfillment. Thereby, you create your own glass ceiling.

Imagine a caterpillar who not only dreams of, but has an inexplicable inner yearning, to transform her pudgy, slow moving body into a svelt colorful butterfly who can fly anywhere she desires. Who daydreams of drinking the sweet nectar of flowers instead of a steady diet of leaves. Who feels a desire to create a legacy of life and future generations of butterflies? BUT, is uncertain about giving up her life that is okay, to go through the struggle of transformation that happens inside a cocoon, and risk losing her false sense of security . . . even though deep in her Soul she really desires to.

Evolving from who you are now into who you must become to create your biggest dreams, requires much. It's not a journey taken lightly. However, it IS a journey through which you'll reap the greatest rewards and experience the greatest sense of Soul fulfillment.

  • What is your big dream for 2018?

  • What are you willing to release, change and acquire to fulfill it?

  • Who will you transform and evolve into to create it?

  • What resources will you require?

  • Who will be your guides, mentors, and wisdom keepers?

The caterpillar must let go of all she knows and follow the instincts and intuition of her Soul to become a butterfly. The same is true for you.

Is 2018 your year to become a butterfly? If so, then it is also the year to connect and lead with the heartbeat of your Spirit and the wisdom of your Soul. No truer truths will ever be experienced than those that emanate from these sacred places.

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