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Recognize and Trust Your Own

Have you ever walked down a dark path with someone who holds a flashlight? In addition to relying on them to shine the light so we can clearly see the path ahead, they also shine the light on the path of their own choosing. We merely follow along. 

For a time it can be good to walk in the light of another as we learn and grow. Yet, there comes a time when a restlessness builds within that urges us to move away from their light and stand fully in our own. This is a natural part of growth and evolution. And, it's sometimes a place we get stuck.

There are many reasons we might be concerned about leaving the light of another and venturing into the "darkness" on our own.

Perhaps we've come to rely on the comfort of the brightness and strength of their flame. It's a safe place to be with lots of support, guidance and love. You might wonder if you can do it on your own. Will you find your way? Is your flame strong enough? Will you have the wisdom to navigate and choose your own path?

It might also be that their light is not comfortable, but we've become dependent on it. We might have learned to dance with their flame without getting burned, although we may feel singed by the heat or intensity from time to time. In essence a false comfort zone that has become a place where our own light is denied it's brilliance.

Sometimes we eagerly step away from another's light, feeling the adventure and call to step into our own brightness. Even if we feel uncertain, our excitement and energy give us the courage and momentum to set off on our own.

Other times it may feel vulnerable to step away from the light of others and into what we perceive as darkness. Have you ever stared at a campfire, mesmerized by the flames? If so, you know that at first when you look away the world looks very dark until your eyes re-adjust. 

When we step into our own light, there adjustment period may be a few moments or even longer. Yet, it always happens. And when it does the world around us takes form, often with greater clarity than we might imagine. It's in that moment we find our own light source lighting the way forward on our path.

The time of following another's plan (aka their light and path) because it is tried and true, what is expected of our gender/role/situation or because "it's the way things have always been done" is outdated. It's time to break that mold for it will only re-create the future to look like the past. That's not to say there isn't wisdom in what has gone before us. It's a matter of taking forward what fits in the future and leaving the rest behind.

Where will you shine your light moving forward? What are the next steps on your path? How will you know how to navigate beyond where you can currently see? 

The answers to these questions only come when you take your next step, and the one after that, and the next one after that.

Three key elements to develop to help you move further into your light and along your path are:

  1. Trust - in self, in your intuition, in divine guidance.

  2. Faith - in self, your intuition, in divide guidance.

  3. Recognition - of your light, your intuition and divine guidance.

See the recurring theme? The brightness and strength of your light is created and fueled by these. Your path forward is paved with their energy. It's part of your journey to navigate through the perceived darkness and reclaim your power from the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that create the illusion. Remember your light shines brighter once you step into the darkness and light your own way.

If you're ready to fuel your own flame and choose your own path, but aren't sure how or where to start ... I welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Reach out and connect with me!

May your flame burn brightly!


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