The Consequences Of A Storm

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

I love to watch and stand outside during a great storm. There are insights and transformations that can only be experienced from within the experience.

Feeding horses last night I watch storms brewing all around me. I smelled the promise of rain, heard thunder rumbling in the distance, and saw lightening ricocheting off the clouds; all as I got lost in the sights and feelings of these storms. Later, as I drifted off to sleep, the experience of the storms continued to process through me. And, when I woke this morning, these thought started my day . . .

There are lessons you’ll only learn in a storm. There are strengths you’ll only discover in a storm. There are fears you’ll only conquer in a storm. There is power you’ll only reclaim in a storm.

There is courage you’ll only embrace in a storm. There is beauty you’ll only notice in a storm. There are great triumphs you’ll only achieve in a storm. There is unflappable confidence you’ll only unleash in a storm. There is a personal evolution that will only happen in a storm. There is the whisper of wisdom you’ll only hear in a storm. There are great losses offset by priceless gains you’ll only experience in a storm. There is unshakeable faith and trust in yourself you’ll only discover in a storm. There is the powerful evolution of who you become, only because you've been in a storm.

Just as storms are experienced as part of our weather, it's likely you've experienced a life storm or two as well. In reflection, you may resonate with the insights and wisdom shared above. Storms can be evolutionary experiences through which powerful personal growth happens, or they can leave you weathered and worn. It is up to each of us to decide the power we harness from such life experiences.

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