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Whisper in the Wind

Her coat was dirty and matted, her eyes dull. Saved from a kill pen in Texas, she’d finally arrived in Arizona. Within a few days, the physical symptoms of her ordeal manifested as a severe respiratory infection. There were days we wondered if she’d pull through.

She regained her health and strength and a proud, beautiful horse emerged. A golden palomino with a quiet strength about her. Wise in the ways of people, she somehow seemed to know that this was her moment to find a human partner different from the past.

I’d been riding her for exercise and occasionally groomed her. I communicated with her when she was sick to determine the best ways we could help her. I purposefully didn’t engage her as a potential partner. I had two horses I dearly loved and wasn’t in a position to take on another.

I also chose to ignore the fact that she had different ideas. She began to follow me with her eyes every time I was at the barn. Even occasionally nicker when I walked by. I even told her I thought she was amazing, but I couldn’t take on another horse at the time. She didn’t relent.

Now that she was healthy and sound, people began coming to look at her, but mysteriously she’d come up lame or sick each time. It was like clockwork.

My dear friend and owner of this horse asked me one day if I’d consider something. It was evident the palomino mare had made her choice. Would I consider adopting her? It was clear she wasn’t going to go anywhere else, and it was ridiculous to continue treating her for the various conditions she’d come up with when people came to look at her. There was a lot to think about and consider.

A couple of days later Butler experienced a stroke and within a little over a week was gone. My heart shattered into a million pieces. My world so empty without him.

During this time, things with the mare were put on hold. She wasn’t going anywhere, and I needed time and space with Butler’s passing.

In looking back at all the tiny coincidences and how they connect, I now see and understand many things I didn’t. Seemingly “unrelated” events, souls and situations all converged at a certain point in time. The way in which the universe orchestrates these moments of magic fills my heart and makes me smile in amazement.

Shortly before Butler passed, I’d walked Whisper over to Butler. Their noses touched and they paused and seemed to gaze at each other. And then, as if nothing happened Butler went back to eating and Whisper tugged at the lead rope to walk away. I knew something had transpired and would only fully understand in the coming days.

I’m excited to introduce you to Whisper in the Wind, aka Whisper, a 12-year old palomino quarter horse. A radiant Soul with much to share. Her strength is the powerful presence of a whisper in a world of noise. A whisper that will open your heart, speak to your Soul and guide you into greater depths of yourself.

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